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My name is Rodolfo Perissé and I am passionate about 2d animation and ART

On my journey I worked in studios developing content for companies such as Cartoon Network, Netflix – as art director on animated TV series –, Blizzard – as Concept Artist in outsourced 2D content for Diablo III – and Ubisoft.

Still in Brazil, I studied Design at the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In my 20s, I worked as a 2D animator and painting backgrounds. Then I went to another studio to work on outsourced 2D content for Diablo III and do Concept Art for advertising. Later I had the opportunity to work creating concept art for a Ubisoft game pitch.

And then I went back to animation. I was art director for an Emmy Kids nominated animated series (Jorel’s Brother – seasons 2, 3 and 4), for Cartoon Network. And after that I started art directing the pre-production of another 2D animated series for Netflix (Wake Up Carlo). Later, after receiving a job offer, I moved to Spain to work as art director at an animation studio called Tomavision. As my role on art direction I was responsible for from 7 to 12 people on my teams (varying over the years). After those projects I went to Germany to work on a game project where I was responsible for creating all visual development; for outsourcing management of 3D content; outsourcing management, writing the scripts and directing 4 films, the game’s teasers and trailers. It was a very interesting experience. Here you can download my CV.

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