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Scrapyard battle:

4 short Films direction

Those are 4 movies for our game project that I directed. I also created the narrative structure (to tie them together), I wrote the scripts, I did some storyboards and, before that, I also did the concepts and the character designs.

Ancient Tribe – Creation Myth

Steamer Tribe – Creation Myth

FUTURISTic Tribe – Creation Myth

Ready? Fight! – Game trailer

My role description

I worked in Gameforge on this game from July 2022 until the end of June 2023. Unfortunately the project was cancelled.

On this project I was responsible for:

– Art direction, concept art, character design, accessory design, Colorkey.
– Gather and organize visual references.
– Supervision of Outsourced Studios and Freelance Artists.
– Mediate and find visual solutions to technical limitations.
– Develop the story and narrative approach of the films.
– Writing the scripts for the 4 films.
– Making some animations.
– Directing the films and supervising the outsourced studio responsible for animation (Flux Studio).


2D ART and animation STUDIO